Christian Faye Eyebrow Kit




Perfect, professional eyebrows are just seconds away with the oh-so-easy-to-use Christian Faye Eyebrow Kits.

So quick and easy it is to create beautiful brows at home.

  • Smudge-proof and lasts 24 hours
  • Water resistant and sweat-proof
  • Natural, softer finish than eyebrow pencils or tattoos
Who is Christian Faye Eyebrows for?

It’s for anyone who wants to fill in their brows and frame their face.

It’s for people who just don’t like their brows, or have sparse brows, short brows, no brows or uneven brows.

In short, Christian Faye Eyebrows are for anyone and everyone who wants to put more wow into their brow.

Brushed eyebrows on a face

What is included in the kit?

Each kit contains the eyebrow powder, an applicator brush, 3 stencils and a compact mirror.

Group of four female models of differing complexion.

There are 8 shades to choose from depending on your skin complexion.

  • Brown – for golden brown hair or dark hair with golden streaks through it
How do you use the Christian Faye Eyebrow Kit?
  1. Choose from the thin, natural or thick stencil that best suits the width of your arch.
  2. Place the stencil flat on the eyebrows and hold into place with your middle and pointing finger, so that the arch of the stencil is aligned with your brow arch and let the rest of the stencil fall into place with your brow hair.

    Brushing an eyebrow instructions

  3. Take the brush with product, dusting off excess product and lightly apply the powder on the opening of the stencil, starting from the arch and working out towards the tail (thinnest end). Apply the powder in both directions for a uniform finish.
  4. Finish by brushing very lightly from the thickest end (head) of the brow to the arch. The head of the brow only needs a small amount of product to fill in any gaps. Too much product at the head of the brows will look too dark and unnatural.
  5. Remove the stencil from your brows. Wait about 4 minutes after applying before swimming, showering or entering humid environments for the powder set and last 24 hours.

What are the biggest mistakes you can make when filling in your brows?

The biggest mistake people make when filling in their brows is using too much colour at the head or start of the brows. You need to lightly apply powder at the head of the brow compared to the rest of the brow.

Don’t forget to brush your brow hair up and outwards to open up your face and create the perfect frame.

I’ve become so comfortable using my pencil, why should I change to a powder?

Using a pencil can leave a drawing like line on your brows. A powder achieves a more natural look and it better adheres to the skin in the sparse parts of your brows which means that it will stay in place!

Christian Faye Eyebrow powder is also long-wearing. It will stay in place for 24 hours and unlike a brow pencil, won’t smudge or move if you are in a humid or wet environment.