The #BestLockerEva Kit: #MyGrandLockerGarden

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Urban rose garden bestlockereva kit


This ultimate locker kit has everything you need for locker awesomeness.

With locker wallpaper featuring an urban rose garden, magnetic schedule, “You Got This” mirror and a locker plushy pet all under an elegant clear chandelier, with this kit you’ve got your locker style covered.

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Lovely chandelier made of a magnet base and plastic shade. Requires AAA batteries and has an on off switch. Measures 12cm x 13cm

Urban Rose garden locker wallpaper. A vinyl wall sticker for the rear of your locker. Just cut to size and stick. Peels off easily too. 1 sheet 45cm x 1m.
The “You Got This” magnetic mirror. Comes in black, navy and white frame. Measures 15cm x 25cm.
A stay organised magnetic schedule mini whiteboard. Measures 14cm x 11cm.


Each pack comes delivered by your own plushy locker pet. Will you get a frog, bear or dalmation? It will be a surprise when you open your package!