Vegan Pink Hair Dye




Arctic Fox began in 2014 when founder and animal advocate Kristen Leanne set out to reshape the beauty and wellness niche. She discovered that most hair dye products lacked the brilliant color they advertised. Worse, they resorted to harsh chemicals and tested on animals.

Passionate to create a change in the industry, she developed Arctic Fox. You don’t have to worry about alcohols, PPDs, or ammonia in their pink hair dyes. Even better, 15% of their proceeds go to charities that prevent animal cruelty. This 100% vegan Virgin Pink hair dye adds color only, no developer or applicators required.

The best part? Because Arctic Fox formulated their pink hair dye with natural minerals, it fades within a muted color spectrum. That means you won’t find yourself with bizarre shades as the dye blends with your hair. As a bonus, the added conditioners soften strands and prevent split ends.